All apples are available for u-pick or prepicked.

Early September

Dandee Red

Dandee Red is a new apple that is 100% red blush apple with creamy white flesh.  The flavor is mildly tart.  It is similar to paula red, only with better shelf life.


A golden delicious type apple with a cream colored flesh.  It is a good all purpose apple with a sweet-tart flavor that is great eating fresh, but also is one of our favorites for dehydrating.  This apple was discovered in Virginia.


Jonamac photo

Jonamac is an attractive, high quality McIntosh-type dessert apple that is medium in size, with 90% dark red color. The shape is round or frequently round-oblate, just slightly flatter than Mclntosh Fruit is firm and crisp.

Red Free 
  Our earliest apple that is mildly sweet with a bit of zing.  It has 90% red skin with a glossy finish.  It is a jonathan type apple.


Another University of Minnesota variety. The fruit is crisp and juicy, has excellent dessert qualities and will keep in common storage for six to eight weeks.  It is Hal’s favorite apple.

Late September


A traditional apple that is white fleshed, and doesn’t brown easily when cut, thus great for salads.  We have 3 different types, including the original.  It is always present in our pies, as it stays relatively firm when baked.


Medium sized, round, dark red apple of gorgeous appearance; sweet, juicy, firm, and aromatic. At its peak, Empire “cracks” when you bite it. A great apple for kids. Good for eating, baking, sauce, and juice.  Its is our favorite for caramel apples.


Image result for honeycrisp apple

This exceptional new variety was developed from a Macoun and Honeygold cross at the University of Minnesota. It grows best in our northern Midwest climate.  The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background and is crisp, juicy, sweet apple has a rich flavor that has become very popular. Properly refrigerated, this apple will last up to 7 months!


Liberty Apple Tree   Fabulous for fresh eating, juice and sauce, this crunchy, mildly tart apple is much like an easy-to-grow version of McIntosh.


We have three types of this old-time favorite – Pioneer Mac, Rogers Red, and Wentzel Mac, each with their own characteristics.  The Wentzel Mac name was coined by the nursery that propagated this apple from the Wentzel’s backyard.  Be sure to try this one.

Sweet 16

Sweet Sixteen Apple  An apple with a very unusual flavor.  Some say it has an anise flavor.


Excellent dessert and multi-use apple.  This is one of our favorites for pies.  Beautiful fruit ripens to bright red across the surface. Crisp, juicy flesh.



A firm, crisp, and tart late apple.  This apple stores very well.


A late sweet, golden delicious type apple.


An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to McIntosh. However, we feel it has a better flavor that the mac, and it has better shelf life.  Flesh is white, firm, and juicy. It is one of the parent apples of Honeycrisp.

Snow Sweet 

A late apple with a sweet/tart flavor with white flesh, explaining the “snow” in its name.

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