We feature four different tart cherries.  In order of ripening, they are Jubilieum, Danube, Balaton, and Montmorency.  The first three are of Hungarian descent.  Our country had access to them when the Soviet block broke down.  They are a bit sweeter than the Montmorency, which is the traditional pie apple.  We offer all of them as “u-pick”.

We also have some sweet cherries, which are more difficult to grow in this climate.  We have not yet had enough for the public to pick, but should have in a couple of years.

Jubileum Cherry

  An early ripening, very popular, high quality variety, Jubileum™ is prized for its large, firm, very dark purple fruit that’s great for fresh eating and for making delicious juice and preserves.


  Danube® Tart Cherry is a new cultivar for the United States. The fruit is medium to large, dark red, and sweeter than Montmorency.


  Balaton is another cherry that came from Hungary.  It ripens about a week before Montmorency, and is a bit sweeter.


  Montmorency is the traditional pie cherry, and it is our last cherry to ripen.  This is the main variety grown throughout Door County. .

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