Pigs, sheep and goats

Pleasant View Orchard and Bakery now sells free ranging, humanely raised animals for meat! In order to fill a growing demand for delicious, healthy, locally grown food, PVO has expanded into raising heritage breed, free ranging animals. Whether you have an interest in grass fed lamb, pasture raised pork, free ranging chickens (and eggs), or goat, you can be confident that what you buy from us you will not only be getting the healthiest, best tasting meat available, but also animals that have been raised in a traditional, chemical free, sustainable way. We take great pride in making sure our animals are happy, eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, and live in an open, free environment. It is our intent to provide the very best product available, and therefore we will never be a large producer. While we will have frozen cuts of meat and chickens available in our retail shop, you are encouraged to place an order in advance because we anticipate selling out each year.

2017 Products and Prices

  • Grass fed Lamb: Unlike commercial lamb, our lambs are grass fed on open pasture. Not only does this give our products outstanding flavor, the fat from grain free lamb is heart healthy! In addition to the traditional lamb chops, leg of lamb, and other cuts, we have found that ground lamb not only makes incredible burgers, but it dramatically improves the taste and nutrition of all recipes that commonly use beef.
    • PRICE: $300 for a 100-125# lamb purchased live at our farm. Individual cuts and ground lamb available at our retail shop in extremely limited quantities. (Professionally tanned full fleece pelts also available for $350)


  • Pasture raised Pork: You have never tasted good pork until you try heritage breed pork raised in a traditional way! Unlike commercial pork which is pale, raised quickly on grain, our pigs are heritage breeds which eat mostly grass and apples, grow slowly, and have beautiful healthy red meat, with fat that is similar to that found in nuts, olives, and fish! We raise heritage breeds including Mangalitsa woolly pigs, Red Wattles, Idaho Pasture Pigs (Berkshire blend), and Kunekune (also sold as pets in limited qualities).
    • PRICE: $600 for a 225-250# live hog. Piglets: $150 for meat breeds, $300 for Kunekune.


  • Free Range Chicken : Not only do our chickens run free on pasture, eating bugs and greens, we feed our chickens apples, which makes them exceptionally delicious! Birds may be purchased live, or cleaned/frozen. We are very excited to have a limited number of Icelandic chickens for sale as well.
    • PRICES and availability to be determined. Eggs: $4 a dozen.


  • Goat Products : Free ranging, grass and apple fed goats for meat or pets, raw goat milk, butter, and cheeses (for pet consumption).
    • PRICES: $300 for a 100-125# live animal, goat milk $7/gallon, goat butter $8/pound, goat cheeses: $12/pound.

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