There are no preservatives in any of these loaves, and all are made from heirloom recipes. Choices include stone ground whole wheat bread with flax seed, cardamom, sourdough, cinnamon-raisin and Swedish rye.

 (2 lb loaf)
– Honey Whole Wheat with flax seed
– Honey Oat
– Cinnamon Swirl 
– Cardomon
– Cinnamon Raisin 
– Swedish Rye
– Old Fashion White
– Jewish Rye
– Pumpernickel

Coffee Ring Breads
Serve a slice with coffee for breakfast or with a glass of iced tea
for dessert. Choose any combination from this list of ingrediants.
– Raisin
– Cinnamon
– Pecans
– Cream Cheese

Pie Pockets
A taste of heaven here on earth, especially when warm out of the oven. These are fruit-filled puff pastry, with an almond frosting. Choices include apple, cherry, blueberry, rhubarb and raspberry.

One of our most popular sweets, this is a light, flaky pastry with a hint of cinnamon and almond flavoring.

These cookies taste like grandma’s because they are made from scratch using grandma’s recipes. Chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal are the most popular, but we also offer other scrumptious varieties such as rootbeer float, fudge-mint and chocolate-chocolate chip. These cookies can be ordered with pecans.

You can indulge your sweet cravings with our fruit pies because our crusts are made with stone ground whole wheat flour which increases your fiber intake. Our pies are made with less sugar so you can taste more of the natural flavor of the fruit. Diabetics can order pies made with artificial sweetener. Choose from apple, raspberry, cherry, three-berry(raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry) pecan, fudge-pecan, blueberry, cranberry-raspberry, and cranberry-apple. Because they sell quickly, it’s best to pre-order.

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